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From The Depths is a minimalistic real-time strategy game. A series of relentless earthquakes proved a throwback to civilization, and from the fissures across the globe enormous monsters emerged. Though not particularly menacing, their bottomless hunger threatens the scarce supplies humanity fights every day for in this devasted world. You must manage the workers who brave the wastelands to make sure humanity does not starve.

Install instructions

Latest build&run instructions at:


Runnable LÖVE project 2 MB
Debian/Ubuntu Binary 10 MB


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I don't get any blue triangular figures like in the screenshot: only a blue settlement and some red monsters that I can click, but not interact to.

Hey there. You can hire workers by selecting the settlement in the upper left, then clicking on the button that appears in the sidebar. That spends treasures though, so be careful.

I have the same issue.  There are no buttons in the side bar when I've selected the settlement.  I'm using the file from the runnable Love project download and Love 0.10.2 on windows 10.

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Hey there!

Yeah, not all settlements have buttons, only training camps and rest camps. There should be one in the top left corner of the map. You just got to scroll the camera there by dragging it with the middle mosue button.